Sunday, May 30, 2010

the bachelorette party...

It seems like only a dream now having had the most memorable bachelorette party EVER. I mean, if youre only going to have one bachelorette party in your life, this was the one to have. My fabulous friends threw me a wonderful party that encompassed a whole weekend. It took place in central coast of tasting, a cute coffee shop, sitting on the beach, home-grown taco night, sushi, swiss cheese pancakes, and even a trip to our favorite college pub. Just utterly perfect. My sister made me a veil to wear winetasting- totally my style, and adorable...which put even more attention on us as I unwrapped lingerie laden gifts at each vineyard.

Jessica included my fiance, matt, in a newly wed game- questions that both him and I had to answer to see if we had similar answers- just wonderful, great big happy tears were shed, thats for sure. I am truely marrying wonderful man- and he's going to be mine forever! Jamie lent out her ideal beach home for us to all crash at and cooked wonderful food for all of us to eat.

Andrea- my fellow bride to be-was sweet enough to drive me back to northern california to catch my plane- meanwhile providing a great 3 hours to vent about wedding stressors and excitement.

Kelsey (my sister) and her friend Sarah (a marvelous new edition to our group of friends) traveled all the way from Boston to partake in the weekend and share in the laughter...and some tears at sunset on the beach.

And Tracy who can always give meaningful insight to any situation kept us up way into the night talking about life....and how to be strong powerful women in this world.And all of these beautiful photos are from Jessica... I will be so lucky if she brings her camera to idaho for our wedding week. So the weekend of just sitting down and relaxing- no wedding planning, no nursing clinicals, and no packing up boxes.... just enjoying my best was marvelous. I felt so loved this weekend... Thanks you guys... you mean the world to me.