Monday, November 8, 2010

so whats next?!

So we had our dream wedding...and we are happily married, now what?! Well I suppose its time to start planning for a baby!! If you'd like to join us on our baby blog to see our journey through planning a family at :
 We think we can plan for a baby in the midst of school, working, being newly weds, having our 3 big dogs, and a small house on a budget and having a TON of fun. We want to focus on the happy parts, trying not to get stressed and eliminating all the unnecessary "things" that will only strain our budget. Being a nursing student and past montessori kindergarten teacher, and having wonderful blogs to consult... I think we will have enough resources to plan this baby the way we want, and we can't wait! So why the spud?! Well, we live in Idaho, so we thought it was only fitting to call this little babe a spud, and with our wedding blog we loved making...a homegrown method, where we attempt 99% DIY...and do it our way, simply. How fun!!