Wednesday, February 25, 2009


California? Colorado? Idaho?...It's tough to choose a location for the wedding with our families living in different states, and us in another. We really want to have an outdoor wedding during the summer. Idaho would be easier for us to plan and prep for. But...there seem to be an absence of trees in the lower quadrant of the state, which makes me very sad because I can picture our wedding with lots of trees around. We won't be getting married in a church- it's just not a part of our life, but we do feel very close to nature and want that incorporated. We also really want to have a great wedding weekend to spend with our family and friends. If we could find a place that most of our guests could stay at for a few nights, cheaply, comfortably, and easily we could all be together! Breakfast, dinner, wedding, drinks, bonfire.... maybe a game or two...cranium anyone?! Sounds perfect. So maybe a lodge, summer camp, or just a vacation home. We also need it to be reasonably close to a major airport, because most of our guests will be flying in I assume.

Some runner-ups:

-Knotty Pines in Idaho City, ID- 35 minutes from Boise.

-Eagle Eye Ranch in Granby, CO -93 miles from Denver.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

bridesmaid's dresses

I got this idea from "a lovely morning's" wedding, she pulled it off so beautifully. Instead of choosing a dress for your bridesmaids let them choose! What a great idea. Our colors will be green, yellow, and white. So they can all choose a shade of a green dress and together it could look really sharp and lively.


I love her hair-do! Perhaps I should start growing mine out now...

wedding dress

I love these dresses, but I am struggling with the idea of an outdoor wedding being a little more casual- but I really want a white, long, dressy wedding dress. So this one in white, with an ivory sash?! It would be great made out of cotton... maybe eyelet/swiss dott, with little linen ribbon straps. Matt's Mom has offered to sew the will be so beautiful!!

...some inspiration...

The whole idea behind setting up our own blog is that there are so many great ideas out there we want to pull it all together! So here is a bit of the feeling we'd like to have at our wedding... an outdoor/backyard/self-catered/ DIY wedding. We will be recruiting friends and family to help us, and a lot of prep work to have it run smoothly and just have a ton of fun uniting two families.
I love...wildflower bouquets, buffet tables for appetizers/desserts, ribbons hanging from the trees, outdoor string lighting, mason jar candles, mason jar vases, chalkboard menu.

pictures: a backyard wedding, pottery barn book- outdoor spaces, martha stewart, buffet table


We fell in love with these rings after trying on countless rings at jewelry shops that really just didn't feel like us. We weren't finding the craftsmanship that we had envisioned until we found green lake jewelry works out of Seattle, WA. We will be customizing these rings further and my ring will incorporate some family diamonds to make it that much more sentimental. Matt's will probably be palladium, in a matte finish. They have been a joy to work with so far, I can't wait to see the finished product!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our First Blog

So...we aren't bloggers but we thought this would be a great tool to centralize all of our wedding plans, ideas, and get comments from others. So please let us know if you have any suggestions! Thanks!