Wednesday, February 25, 2009


California? Colorado? Idaho?...It's tough to choose a location for the wedding with our families living in different states, and us in another. We really want to have an outdoor wedding during the summer. Idaho would be easier for us to plan and prep for. But...there seem to be an absence of trees in the lower quadrant of the state, which makes me very sad because I can picture our wedding with lots of trees around. We won't be getting married in a church- it's just not a part of our life, but we do feel very close to nature and want that incorporated. We also really want to have a great wedding weekend to spend with our family and friends. If we could find a place that most of our guests could stay at for a few nights, cheaply, comfortably, and easily we could all be together! Breakfast, dinner, wedding, drinks, bonfire.... maybe a game or two...cranium anyone?! Sounds perfect. So maybe a lodge, summer camp, or just a vacation home. We also need it to be reasonably close to a major airport, because most of our guests will be flying in I assume.

Some runner-ups:

-Knotty Pines in Idaho City, ID- 35 minutes from Boise.

-Eagle Eye Ranch in Granby, CO -93 miles from Denver.

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