Friday, January 29, 2010

reception ideas...

...ok so now I am thinking that making a wedding cake may be a little tricky. How about these adorable cupcakes?! Are cupcakes really any easier than one big cake?!

The little flower gardland is adorable...I think I will be incorporating these cute fabric flowers somewhere...
Maybe some flowers for the table, I love the fresh greenery and little white flowers...a little wild-flowery look...with some burlap table runners and heavy white floor-length drop cloths on the the picture below...

How tasty does this appetizer set-up look?!


  1. i love the hanging flowers! keep up all the great ideas, and if you want to make a package that fits you guys better, i'm game! i hope that everything turns out perfect!!! lindy

  2. Wow! I just came across this post- Two of these pictures are my wedding! I'm glad it is an inpsiration to you... Best of Luck !!!

  3. Holy Cow Lindsey, you have planned and prepped enough for 10 weddings! It's going to be so lovely. (Please BREATH now) Can't wait, see you soon. Love you. Lori

  4. Yes this can be the perfect Private Event Space for the wedding.Awesome beauty