Tuesday, June 1, 2010

summer fiesta- rehearsal dinner

So we are having a fiesta welcome dinner ...ahhh...next week!...but it will be the night before our wedding.  All of our guests are from out of state or far up north in Idaho...so practically another state and will all be traveling here for us. So instead of a "rehearsal dinner" with only the wedding party and family we will be inviting everyone. So with the help of my fabulous friends we will be throwing a summer fiesta. Fresh hand-pressed corn tortillas, chips, salsa, guacamole (avocados all the way from my friends backyard in central coast california), cheese, grilled meats, sour cream, pico de gallo.... and of course margaritas and cold mexican beer. So originally I thought a fiesta would be corny...until I saw this post from designsponge.... absolutely our style! More texas/arizona style fiesta... with my favorite color- green. So matt and I ran out to our local hardware store....home depot,  perhaps you have heard of them, and bought a ton of succulents and cacti and cute little terra cotta pots. We wont have table cloths- for those need to be nice and crisp for the wedding, but the tables are wood/rustic and will just do fine. I want to have butcher paper down and crayons for kid and adult fun. We will be doing a few other fun things- that I don't want to spoil the surprise for.... but lots of pictures afterwards to share. Lots of green tissue paper fringe... and string lights. Those big ol green recycled glass serving containers filled with margarita.
...our succulents...
...inspiration from design sponge...

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  1. These are just lovely summer fiesta- rehearsal dinner photos. I love decoration part of this event. We also attended a Mexican dinner party in last week. It had been organized at one of my favorite San Francisco venues. The food, decoration and all other arrangements were epic in this event.