Sunday, March 22, 2009


Matt had this great idea that our guests could drink out of pint mason jars for the beer, sangria, and water. We just so happened to look on craig's list and respond to a posting "12 mason jars for $4." We called. We drove out to the columbia gorge and found a gold mine! TONS and TONS of jars in an estate-type sale. We came home with 124 pint drinking jars, 12 mason jar vases, 2 old glass bottles, a bike, a huge serving speckled pan, rustic old pale, and a tin bowl for serving.... all $45!!! Fantastic!! We came home and washed them all, dryed them and just loved starring at them. Hopefully it will look like this...

...just like the jars at the pickle barrel in Fort Collins to serve beer...


  1. ALLL for $45? get the heck out. I accumulated 80 or so but I spent about a buck a jar! And I thought I got a spankin' deal!

  2. What will you be doing with those plates and jars after your wedding? Would you be interested in selling them to a another bride?