Sunday, March 22, 2009


When shopping at IKEA 3 weeks ago Matt and I saw plates to buy for $.59 each. (Cheaper than renting plates, and we'd get to re-use them) They were off-white, simple, and cheap. Just this weekend we went back after thinking about it for awhile and they were still there! So we bought 120 plates, already packaged up so that when we move it couldn't be easier. We are not sure on the final guest count yet.... but 120 should cover us. What we will do with 120 plates after the wedding we do not know... matt suggests skeet shooting.... there has to be a better idea...


  1. After your wedding you could sell them. I am looking into buying plates for my wedding next year. If you would like to sell them to me email me at

  2. Donate them to a soup kitchen.... good karma AND a tax write-off! :o)